80GB iPod Classic - Price matched + 10% of the difference at PC-World against Amazon = £139.14

To anyone not going for an iphone or small capacity ipods:

Just bought the iPod Classic 80GB for £139.14 from PC World

PC-world charge - £159
Amazon charge - £140.97
Price match + 10% of the difference = £139.14

Ok so there maybe some slightyly better prices online? But this is a good price to walk out of store in hand. Also any problems, straight back into local store.


Hows the 10% £1.83 :?

Get it now :oops:

If you posted this in the deals thread you would be shot down. There is hardly any difference in the price!

It would cost more in travel fees (bus/petrol etc) to get to a PCWorld then just ordering from Amazon.

all the hassle for £1.83

Original Poster

Well its not a HOT deal - its just a heads up to anyone who wants to purchase from a shop and have item in hand + save some money. Im always away from home so delivery is awkward for me, I was in town and popped into PC world. Job done, it was no hassle for me.

If your not near a store - to lazy to walk or cant combine with a trip into town if your already down there then this deal isnt for you. So er....your not interested. I got some money off the best price I could find and I have my ipod charging as I type so Im happy and maybe, just maybe it will help someone else.

But of course - so many people are ready to shoot anything down that they can on this site, perhaps because you have to much time on your hands. :whistling:
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