80's dvd wanted, help!

Found 5th Sep 2010
I'm getting together a load of DVD's of my favourite 80's movies, ready for my themed birthday party
One of my favourites was 'summer school', but I can't find it on region 2 anywhere! I know it exists, I was bidding on one on ebay a while ago, but got outbidded right at the end grr.
Amazon only have region 1, which I'm not certain would work on my DVD player. I know I could multi region it, but its a tv combi so not sure how it works!
All help appreciated, and no laughing at my naff taste in films also appreciated
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i can't find any release details for the UK the one on ebay may be an open region dvd have you got the listing number?
This is it, just says region 2, but I guess it could have been open region....I don't understand these things!

I used to have it on video, and would have just got one of those cable thingys to copy it to dvd....but I lent the video to someone and they lost it
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