85 or 200mb Homeplugs?


    I recently got 50mb internet installed and the wireless signal to PS3/360 is too weak so I was thinking of Homeplugs instead. Do you know if a pair of 85mb homeplugs would allow all 50 megs through or would I need to get the pricier 200mb ones instead?

    Thanks for any help!


    50 mb internet who provides that


    50 mb internet who provides that

    lol Virgin Media

    Anywho, the homeplugs are half duplex so you will need the 200mb version

    If you're only gonna use the homeplugs for PS3/360 gaming use then the 85mb should be fine as I very much doubt that the bandwidth being transmitted will come anywhere near those speeds. If you're going to use it for home internet usage too though, then as above said you'll maybe need the 200mb ones, that of course depends on the "actual" speed you'll get on a 50mb line... some people have complained about getting only the same speeds as I get on my 8mb broadband to be honest... hopefully yours won't fall that short though, good luck with it

    [edit] Just thought, why not get a wireless N router instead, then whatever you are doing it should provide enough bandwidth.... but depends on how your home network is set up I guess.

    If you buy cheap, you'll buy twice.

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    Thanks for all the help, guys!

    Looks like I'll have to invest in some 200mb homeplugs then:x

    Do you know where the cheapest place is that I could get some, are the £50 ones on ebuyer the cheapest?

    I'm thinking of getting these - there are cheaper ones but these are getting very good reviews - I need them for streaming high def video over from some NAS drives to a media pc conncted to the telly.


    Anyone got any comments on if the expensive ones are any better than the cheap ebuyer ones?

    If it helps I have the Develo 85mb version and I'd highly recommend the brand. I'm only on a 10mb line but have managed close to that speed when I'm downloading and the Virgin network allows.

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    So I am now getting some 200mbps comtrend ones. What I plan to do is connect one homeplug into the router in one room and plug the other homeplug into another room for use by the PS3 and 360, however it only has one port. Do you know what hardware I would need to use to share the connection and do you know where the cheapest place would be to get one?

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