Looking for a 8600GT not really sure which, would prefer a shop that has them in constantly for that price as don't have the cash just yet.
    My PC has 2gb 4200 ram + atm a Pentium D 915 thinking of getting a Core2Duo.
    I want not the cheapest 8600GT as I noticed they are all different but don't really understand the differences. I've seen them on the same site range from £70 - £100 just wondered which are the best. Thanks. :thumbsup:


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    Help please?

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    Why does it have to be that card?

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    It doesn't nessaceraly but I dunno if I can afford that one tops of about £100 as I'm buying a new mobo and some new RAM, is it worth upgrading my processor
    PC will be:
    2gb PC4200
    8600GT~ G-Card

    And I'm currently using a Pentium D 915, wondered if its worth the cost to upgrade to a C2D.

    ^^^^ what he said.

    and go with the core 2 duo its very good:P

    i just got the E6750 @ 2.66 ghz.

    its overclocked to 3 ghz on stock fan and its running very cool.

    Ive got the 8600 Gt and its ok but not great for gaming:P


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    Cheers rep left for both was just wondering if it needed the upgrade
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