8g Apple iPod Touch 3Gen

I was just wondering whether anybody knows the cheapest/best place to buy AN APPLE IPOD TOUCH 8GB (3RD GENERATION) for my 13yr old nephew???



Um, why do you want to buy a third gen as opposed to a fourth gen? The savings aren't that much but the fourth gen has many features that the third gen doesn't such as HD and a camera.

I have the third gen and would love the fourth gen but I might as well wait for the fifth gen now lol.

In fact, many retailers such as amazon don't even stock the 3g anymore (3rd party ones do, but they're more expensive than the fourth gens!)

So, the fourth gen is cheapest here:


£174.99, and a free £15 iTunes gift card to load it up with apps, games, music, etc.

However, if you can somehow reserve one (VERY limited stock), they do a 32GB 3rd gen for £149.99


The 32GB is more useful if your son wants an iPod for video and music rather than apps, internet and games, but if he doesn't want apps and games, you shouldn't really buy an iPod touch, and should instead consider other music players that would give much more for a fraction of the price.

Finally, have you considered the orange san francisco? For £99, it does everything a 4th gen ipod does, has HD and apps and stuff, and is a phone too!


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Thankyou for your help much appreciated!!! i'll look into it......
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