8GB+ mp3 player

    I've a creative Zen Micro 5gb for about a year now and like it a lot. Only problem is that it isn't big enough for what I need (going traveling and want all my audio books with me).

    I am thinking along two lines - either a solid state player such as I have or something with a hard drive.

    My concern with those which have hard drives is that they are not as resilient as the solid state players. Is there any truth in this? I do a lot of cycling and keep the MP3 player with me I am concerned that perhaps a player with a hard drive will skip.

    I like the Creative brand a lot so will stick with that if possible.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

    Cheers, Dio


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    Would this be suitable for you Dio … Would this be suitable for you Dio ?]

    Certainly a good start; thanks.

    I've read through the comments and may go for it.

    Still would like to know people's thoughts on flash vs. hard disk type players.

    Cheers, Dio.

    hard drive players are fairly resiliant unless you intend to be shaking it around and throwing it at things... Obviously you'rew not going to get much more memory from a flash drive and if you want to upgrade then HD may well be the way to go. I cannot reccomend the Zen Vision M highly enough...

    Also get at me if you're planning to sell the zen micro on as I may be interested. Do you know if they make a car adaptor for it?

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    Don't think I'll be shaking it 'round much! Cycling is mostly on the roads (which can be bumpy in south London!).

    As it hapens I probably will sell the Zen Micro if I get a good price ;-)

    I have a car adaptor - one of the FM transmitters from for a tenner!

    Nowt wrong with HDD players, having said that I've just ditched my Archos and bought a nano cos I wanted 8gb in the smallest package possible and i'm not remotely fussed about video or anything.

    To be honest i was wanting to avoid the nano (if only cos of it's ubiquity...yes, I am that shallow ;)) but it fits what I want.

    Having said that, there are some others that definitely registered on my radar:
    The samsungs ]k3 and ]t9 are both worth a look although, and this was the kicker for me, not available in more than 4gb until June/July.
    The] iriver clix2 is very nice, as is the ]cowon D2 which has an SD slot as does the ]Sansa 280 from Sandisk

    A final one that very very nearly got my money is the ]Trekstor Vibez (it is available in the UK from advancedmp3 players, i just can't log on there at work!). It's a micro HD based player so smaller and less likely to be upset by vibrations (larger HDD drives are more susceptible, simple physics really.)

    PS, not sure about prices but the amazon ones seem v competetive (ignoring the samsung ones cos they don't fit your spec.) Soz
    PPS now I look again I really like the vibez!!

    I have a Zen Micro and had the same problem so bought an iRiver H10 HD player - 20GB - its solid and comes with a rubber cover - had it over a year and a half with no problems. The version I have has since been re-vamped and reduced in price to I belive about £79.

    Check out the iRiver website
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