8Mbps Broadband - No Min Contract


    I came across this :…asp

    It says:

    Unlimited 8mb Broadband - the UK's Cheapest!

    An ideal choice if you are looking for a broadband product that's going to provide a blisteringly fast Internet connection - up to 180 times faster than your standard dial-up product! For the very best online performance, improved home networking, and the ability to download photos, MP3's and movie clips in an instance, there's no other competition.

    UK's Cheapest Unlimited 8mb Broadband Service.
    Free Connection and Migration.
    NO 12 month contracts
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    No Restrictions
    Quick and easy to install.
    Easy monthly payments. No hidden extra's

    Is there anybody tried this service from this company.

    I am currently with Tiscali and ,no wonder, I am experiencing terrible speed (and customer service, as well)..

    I am ready to pay 3 quids extra for good speed...and most important is > No min contract ...

    Any suggestions?


    This looks quite good im with tiscali paying £22 a month and the speed is crap they have restricted me between the hours of 6 to 11 every evening 7days a week its pointless having broadband at moment, so i shall be looking at this quite closely

    has any body used this company?

    Never heard of them before....would avoid tbh!

    Its getting increasingly difficult to find a good Broadband provider, I'm very happy with Be* but unfortunately they do have a 3 month notice period.

    Couldn't find anything about fast4 on the Thinkbroadband forums so I'd be a bit wary of them personally
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