8x watch/calculator batteries £1 @ Poundland

Posted 22nd Sep

Picked a pack of these kodak batteries up yesterday to replace a battery out of the mrs's car remote.

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wont last 5 seconds
A1322/09/2019 13:33

wont last 5 seconds

‘‘Tis is true.
Duracell is the best for this. IMHO.
I've had these and other cheap brands, they seem to last fine in things that only need a brief use (key fobs, electric scales etc) but not so good for torches.
A1322/09/2019 13:33

wont last 5 seconds

Been in remote 15 minutes, still working.
A1322/09/2019 13:33

wont last 5 seconds

The Poundland batteries I've tried were all rubbish. I stick to Duracell, Varta and occasionally Lidl Aerocell batteries. For watches, I use Renata.
I changed like 3 of these in my wristwatch in a year. Original battery came with lasted more than a year. No good in my opinion
A1322/09/2019 13:33

wont last 5 seconds

6 to 8 weeks if you are lucky
For watches you require silver oxide batteries, Renata are well thought of as mentioned above.
Tried Screwfix Diall CRs in my car fob in June. They needed replacing again in August. Got a goodwill refund from Screwfix. Cheap batteries are a waste of time.
Edited by: "terriclarkfan" 22nd Sep
False economy.
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