90" curtain pole without a centre bracket!?

Posted 22nd Sep 2017
Hi guys I really hope you can help, thought we could save money here instead of buying fitted blinds for our patio doors (we have nothing over them at the moment and feel exposed lol) and unsure about another set of blinds in our kitchen/diner as they collect all sorts!! We have no room on one side of the doors for a 2nd curtain panel, just room for one to slide across the whole of the doorframe, so we need a very sturdy curtain pole with amazing support either end without a centre bracket? I was hoping someone out there has some tips, recommendations or knows a good place for this. Now the darker evenings are coming in and lights having to go on more often, we need this lol. Thank you very much x
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B&q.. They sell tubes around by the hardware. Not curtain section.. The fatter tube they sell you can slide some steal cable conduit inside. You will need to go to a electrical trade center to get it but it's cheap enough. Makes the pole very strong. All you need then is 2 wall mounts that you fix to side walls or they do some off the wall mounts.. I'll post links... Pole.. Wrong size but have not got time to search. Think I bought the 25mm brass effect.. This is 19mm and steal diy.com/dep…prd

Then I slid some 20mm steel conduit inside. Like this. B@q sell rings you can use or just buy ringed curtains.

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Thank you very much for your reply, I'll leave that all to the hubby!
Also just google 25mm end brackets and you can see some photos of different brackets then.

Also google 3000mm metal tube hanging rail.
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Slid a 20mm conduit in something nicer like the brass, chrome ect 25mm tube and will take some weight
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