9/11 can you remember what you was doing when this tragedy happened RIP all those poor people

Can you remember what you was doing on this sad sad day rip to all those poor people my thoughts are with you and your families


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i was cooking in a pub in guildford had to close kitchen and we all watched in the pub, just could not believe my eyes

I was mixing (records) in the bedroom when the ex run in and called me to the TV


Working at an old people's home.

We didn't really want them to watch it.

My friend's are getting married today so hopefully we can change it to a happier day (_;)

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Thats nice hope they have a great marriage enjoy the wedding

I was watching Crossroads at work.

I was at work in the office when I heard about it. Started reading the news reports on the internet as soon as it was happening. Watched it live on TV when I got home and thats when the towers started to collapse.

I'm not entirely convinced that it was solely a foriegn terrorist attack.



Thats nice hope they have a great marriage enjoy the wedding


I just walked in the door from work when sky news started showing it live.


At least 2,985 people died in the September 11, 2001, attacks, including:

* 19 terrorists
* 2,966 victims [2,998 as of Spring 2009]

All but 13 people died on that day. The remaining 13 later died of their wounds. One person has died since the attacks, of lung cancer. It is suspected to have been caused by all the debris from the Twin Towers.

There were 266 people on the four planes:

* American Airlines Flight 11 (crashed into the WTC): 92 (including five terrorists)
* United Airlines Flight 175 (crashed into the WTC): 65 (including five terrorists)
* American Airlines Flight 77 (crashed into the Pentagon): 64 (including five terrorists)
* United Flight 93 (downed in Shanksville, PA): 45 (including four terrorists)

There were 2,595 people in the World Trade Center and near it, including:

* 343 NYFD firefighters and paramedics
* 23 NYPD police officers
* 37 Port Authority police officers
* 1,402 people in Tower 1
* 614 people in Tower 2
* 658 people at one company, Cantor Fitzgerald
* 1,762 New York residents
* 674 New Jersey residents
* 1 NYFD firefighter killed by a man jumping off the top floors of the Twin Towers

There were 125 civilians and military personnel at the Pentagon.

1,609 people lost a spouse or partner on 9/11.

More than 3,051 children lost parents.

While it was mostly Americans who were killed in this horrific attack, there were also 327 foreign nationals. Here is the breakdown, according to country:

Argentina: 4
Australia: 11
Bangladesh: 6
Belarus: 1
Belgium: 1
Bermuda: 1
Brazil: 3
Canada: 27
Chile: 2
China: 4
Cote d'Ivoire: 1
Colombia: 17
Democratic Republic of the Congo: 2
Dominican Republic: 1
El Salvador: 1
Ecuador: 3
France: 1
Germany: 11
Ghana: 2
Guyana: 3
Haiti: 2
Honduras: 1
India: 1
Indonesia: 1
Ireland: 6
Israel: 5
Italy: 4
Jamaica: 16
Japan: 26
Jordan: 2
Lebanon: 3
Lithuania: 1
Malaysia: 7
Mexico: 16
Moldova: 1
Netherlands: 1
New Zealand: 2
Nigeria: 1
Panama: 2
Peru: 5
Philippines: 16
Portugal: 3
Poland: 1
Russia: 1
South Africa: 2
South Korea: 28
Spain: 1
Sweden: 1
Taiwan: 1
Ukraine: 1
Uzbekistan: 1
United Kingdom: 67
Venezuela: 1

I was sitting on the phone to my friend while the tv was on and seeing the first plane hit - thinking it was an accident - then it just worse in front of my eyes as it was happening. Awful.

I was in hospital having just broken my finger

i was at work and my Brother was on an American Airline flight we didn't hear he was safe for 2 days

We were in assembly getting told off by our Head of Year.


Picking my Brother up from Leeds/Bradford airport.

I was on holiday my second week in Turkey

I was sitting watching Sky News and it came up as Breaking News and i barely moved away all day. RIP

I was down my nans house watching it on tv I had just finished rugby training for the school in year 5.

Just got up from a night shift, watching the news thinking to myself these nights are really screwing with my brain for the first 10 minutes.

Watching it back now I still can't believe what I see.


At work. Instantly concluded it was a terrorist attack once I knew it was a jet, though the scale of what unfolded was unprecedented.

The images of those falling to their deaths rather then be burned alive and the collapse of the buildings are images that will never be forgotten.

Sat and watched a timeline documentary a few days ago on Sky. Such a sad day for humanity.

My sister was in Florida at the time.... and was stranded for about 5 days. (She was due to return on the 12 September.)


at work in the joinery shop and the radio had a news flash, so went home and watched the devastation live on TV, every channel had live coverage.

RIP to all the victims..

Had been in a team meeting at one of the council's depots and remember walking out of the meeting room to a hiatus. Drove back to our own office and watched it unfold on the computer.

One of those mind numbing, jaw dropping moments you will never forget and will always remember where you were and what you were doing.

Check out the song 'Twisted Steel' by Ian Hunter (ex lead singer of Mott the Hoople). His wife's cousin died in one of the towers.

I was in a water park in Cyprus when I heard about the first plane, got back to the hotel and everyone was just sat watching the tv in disbelief,I'll never forget that day we thought we might get stuck there at one point when all flights got grounded

I was on holiday in Slovenia.
Watched it all on CNN that day...

I was on the phone to my wife-to-be as she watched the whole thing from a nearby roof.


At the time me and a mate ran a bar and one of the girls who worked for us called to say we had to watch the TV because of what was happening in New York. So we left the bar and ran down the road to our flat and stayed glued to the TV for the next few hours.

I''ve been a member of the forums over at SomethingAwful.com for the past 6 years and the guys there archived the thread from 9/11 that took place as it was actually happening:

truegamer.net/SA_…AD/ (After reading one page you have to go back to the main page and select the next)

It's pretty crazy reading to read it all as it happened live by a mainly American userbase.

I remember picking my car up from garage , it came on the news in the waiting area, i will never forget the 'desperation/fear' on one of the guys who worked there as he was frantically trying to call his brother who worked in the twin towers ! I never got to know the outcome for him and his brother but i always think of him ! funny how i sometimes cant remember last week but i will ALWAYS remember that horrible sad day and so vividly and probably will forever !.....so sad and rest in peace to all that lost there lives and condolences to all familys and friends xx

I was in first year in a classroom in school. Didn't know what the WTC was or anything until I got home and my whole family were round watching it on the news.

I can't remember what I was doing but RIP and my thoughts are with so many who lost loved ones.

Was at my Mum's watching the events unfold on the news, My mums boyfriend at the time was a Yank. I thought OMG. It must of been horrible, Seen them jumping out of the wtc.

Realised the date before they even suggested it on the news, 9/11 of coarse to us it's 11/9.

Was a little anxious on 9/9/9 luckily nothing happened.

I was at school making pots in an art lesson
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Just back from work, sat on the couch and stayed there watching Sky News whilst the whole terrible event unfolded.

I was being naughty bunking off school, was already watching the news channel & then it came through on breaking news, couldn't believe it.

was in highschool, got sent out of my french class for being naughty and saw it on a staffroom tv through a window. Nobody believed me and i got shouted at for lying when i told them

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reading some of these comments makes me relise just how lucky i am on this sad day the date will be remembered for ever by most of us.

I was walking down the street with a mate after doing the princes trust that day & he had a text to say about it. So we found a shop with TV's in the window & start watching it

Dont totally remember but know I was living at parents at time and got off bus back from uni and think dad mentioned it either just before I walked in or just as I walked in though I think at that point it was just the first plane that had crashed so must of just happened shortly before I came in.

I was doing a long shift at Matalan for summer work, I didn't even know it had happened I'd popped into town to buy a watch for my 21st (which was the next day), really quite chilling and shocking to see what was happening.


I was in year 6 primary school. But since then 9/11 has had an effect on me as a muslim.
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I had just got home from work adn sat down with my yummy KFC i got on the way home...turned on the tv and i think i and saw the second plane hit from what i can remember.......
i remember the people jumping to their death

was sooo shocking and i sat there and watched it for ages

was chilling and sooo sad to watch

RIP xxx

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Watching those people jumping was sureal and it was like having a dream some thing you expect to see in a movie not for real as you say so shocking and sad must be so hard for the familes


I had just got home from work adn sat down with my yummy KFC i got on the … I had just got home from work adn sat down with my yummy KFC i got on the way home...turned on the tv and i think i and saw the second plane hit from what i can remember.......i remember the people jumping to their death was sooo shocking and i sat there and watched it for ageswas chilling and sooo sad to watch RIP xxx

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