97p king kong xbox game from pc world

Didnt think it was appropriate to post it on the deal itself.

Reserved mine when i saw it posted yesterday, got a call an hour later to be told it was OOS, then they rang me 15 minutes later to say theyd actually got 6 in.

Right, just been and tried to collect my game for my fella.

Was kept waiting for 30 minutes, to discover someone had been in and collected my game off the reserved shelf for me (thanks if it was one of you lot!)

So, i asked for the manager (awfully embarrasing as i used to actually work at PC World, so knew half the staff) then was given the customer services, so i rang them up was on about a total of 12 minutes - there sending me a £10 gift voucher No idea how much that call will have cost due to it being an 0870 number.

Just thought id share my experience
And, for the record, i only reserved one, and it wasnt to sell on ebay for a profit.


So it wasn't 'a pricing error' as some posted then?

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It is true then that it was 'a pricing error'?

Was definatly NOT a pricing error, i used to work there as i mentioned, and while i worked there a had a good few bargain ps2 games anyway.

I said to the manager himself, if it had been a pricing error then fair enough, but he said no it wasnt (Couldnt really fob me off)

Ah ok Would be annoying if they tried to pass it off as an error while people had gone all the way there to collect it

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well, all the people who got fobbed off with that, give customer services a ring, its worth a shot really, i thought there was nothing left to lose, apparantly its 5p a minute off my lanline so its cost me about 60p to ring, so, take off petrol etc, ive probably made about £8, but im still disappointed as i really wanted the game.

Funny though, while i was there, one of the lads tried to chat me up, so that passed the time a little bit, then i got "who you buying it for, yourself or the boyfriend" :giggle: made me giggle anyway

So who were you buying it for? Yourself, or the boyfriend?

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The Fella I dont have an xbox 360 :giggle:

I'm actually borrowing this game off a mate tomorrow, basically like borrowing a quid

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I'm actually borrowing this game off a mate tomorrow, basically like … I'm actually borrowing this game off a mate tomorrow, basically like borrowing a quid

My Fellas friend has it, and apparantly its a good game
Men, who need them, his answer should have been "that was sweet what you did, trying to get me it, but its a rubbish game anyway Jo"

Thats what id have said if it was the other way round :roll: Men.

Hey your from Lincoln!! Ive been there!!! lol

I got the last one from the Halifax store yesterday. Checked on PC World site and it stated oout of stock at this store, then called the customer services line who put me through to the store to confirm that their records showed 2 in stock!

Got one, couldn't see the other anywhere.

I'd advise that you call or vist the store as the internet listing only shows stock when there are 5+ units.

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Hey your from Lincoln!! Ive been there!!! lol

I guess you left again quite quickly :giggle:


I guess you left again quite quickly :giggle:

Lincoln's arlight, only about 45 mins away from me. Used to go quite a bit about 10 years ago to watch boxing. Wifes Nan lives there still so i'm still up that way once every couple of months.

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Right, just a quick update.

Recieved my £10 gift voucher (thinking of selling it on here if anyone is interested as i wont use it, its for the whole of the DSG group no expiry)
There is nothing to do with mileage at all though, knew it was a load of waffle, all in all probably made about £7 though :-D

So im happy :-D
Always makes sense to complain :thumbsup:
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