£99 Digital TV/Freeview receiver / Phone / Digital camera - From China obviously....

    The Chinese have outdone themselves this time with this all in one phone.

    On a dodgily translated website called is one of the wonders of modern China, a phone that outguns the iPhone big-time.

    Link is here (

    Pity that you still neeed an ANTENNA to view TV progs


    you might as well give the money to me

    You can get them even cheaper if you send me your
    sort code and account number.
    I know a guy in Uganda who can get them cheap.
    Just 85,000 Ugandan Dollar......

    The chinese guy who sells these is called
    Ri Pyu Off......

    I got ripped off once buying a camera phone ,it's a bit bulky and dated now but I take it everywhere :-)

    i clicked whre it said click here and noticed it talked about on a another website so are we saying yes good deal or stay away at all costs ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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