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99.9% Isopropyl alcohol

Posted 29th Dec 2019
Those who use it on the regular for cleaning, does it go bad being in storage long term? Can get 1L for £5 or 2L for £8.80 but don't imagine I will be using it all too often. 50ml has lasted me bit over a year.
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Then 1 litre should last you 20 years....
Why do you think it might bad? You wouldn't expect a bottle of something like white spirits or ethanol to go bad so I can't think of any reason why this would.
It'll be fine, make sure the lid is screwed on properly.
Can you please post links for the 1 and 2 litres?
Bought a small aerosol can way over ten years ago. Still got most of it left, still works fine.
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It’s 99.9% pure. Even if half evaporated you’d still have a very pure mix.

Derek_Fortescue_Shatwell29/12/2019 20:33

OP:Can you please post links for the 1 and 2 litres?Thanks.

It’s not for drinking.
It is alcohol so unlikely.
You can buy it on Amazon. I needed a few ml to do some cleaning in my pc but unfortunately I was on a high at the time I placed the order. I thought more would be better value and buying less would be a huge mistake so I found a big box of the stuff and clicked buy.

I have been storing something like 12 x 1L bottles of the stuff for the last year. You don't need it nearly as often as you think...

Lookup Hexeal on there for 1L bottles. But there are plenty of other types, especially if you don't need 99% stuff.
Side note
That stuff is excellent at removing dried raw egg and releasing hot melt glue.
I buy it in 5L cans, usually from a fibreglass supplier when we stock up on Acetone, cellulose thinners and white spirit etc, because the postage for volatiles is expensive.

If you buy in bulk, then I'd suggest decanting some off into a smaller bottle so you don't inadvertently contaminate the lot. Other than that it will keep until it runs out, unless you leave the top off and allow it to evaporate.
Evaporation is the only thing you got to be concerned about tbh
I was removing some thermal paste off a processor once and I knocked a bottle of the stuff over by accident. But because I had quite a few things in my hands, I just left it and carriedon. Few minutes later I got a horrible headache and had to go sit outside for a bit!
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I would think it would evaporate quicker than it would expire (that's my experience)
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