9x £1 off at McDonalds (HMV)



    can i have 2 please ?

    i want 1

    sorry i dont wana have a heart attack at age 21

    I think you need to make your title clearer. It makes it look like you're giving away £1 off McDs's, when it's just a £1 off HMV with I think £10 minimum spend. Just remove McD's from it.

    Ooo... Could I get 2 please... otherwise would be more than happy with one! Thanks.

    can i have 2 please:) thanks

    Can I have one also please.

    Original Poster

    ooops yeah, i did word it wrong completely.

    OK no more PM's, as I've recieved too many pm's i think.

    Original Poster

    damn time limit of sending pm's

    Could i have 1?

    i'm i to0 late, been asking around for the past few days, would be most greatfull..

    Who's been a little burger piggy then?

    Could I have one please?

    Just noticed you had to PM...crud!
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