A assassins creed challenge

Found 11th Nov 2017
I lay thee a challenge. What order should I play these damn things in? I’ve got black flag, syndicate, unity, liberation and ezio collection. I think I’m missing a couple but I’ve got a PS4,vita and psp so fire away if I’m missing some. Thanks in advance dealers
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Definitely the Ezio collection first just so you can get the sense of what they got right with that golden period of Assassin's before the rinse, repeat and copy and paste fatigue sets it.

Then Black Flag. Sailing the seas while you're pirate crew sing sea shanties can't be beaten.

Syndicate and Unity are both forgettable game's once you've finished them, I can't honestly remember anything about the 2 and I've completed them.
They are not bad game's, in fact I quite enjoyed them despite all the bad press and reviews.

Liberation is probably one of the better storylines in the series so I'd just go with that anytime you can't get in the PS4.

Just don't play them all back to back, you'll be a broken person by the 50th Escort mission.

Then treat yourself to Origins.
Non of them.... AC origins is the best in the series by far... but if I had to say one of the titles you have I'd say black flag.
The main series goes:

Assassin's Creed
Eizo collection (originally three games)
Assassin's Creed III
Black Flag

Liberation is a side title set in the same time as III.

As you've got most of the main series I'd probably pick up the first one and start there. It's available on PC through GoG etc. if you don't have an old 360/PS4 and I'd expect it to run on fairly modest systems these days (it's nine years old). By the time you finish black flag you should have plenty of idea whether you want rogue and unity.
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