A better broadband deal(or with extras) than I have. Currently £25pm for 4mb

Found 6th Dec 2006
Currently I'm paying £25 per month for 4mb broadband from Telewest which is uncapped. I do not have any other service with them. I have had this deal for about a year and was wondering if anybody knew about any better deals that may be available to me with or without telewest. I wouldnt mind havin a phone and paying the same price. Generally I dont tend to phone companies as I have to use my mobile and have heard that you can get quite a few deals by speakin to the agents, etc.

Note. I do not have a BT line or phoneline at all for that matter. So I would need that to be taken into consideration in the total price if, e.g if a B.T line was required, then I would need to pay line rental.

Last time I checked NTL was not available in my area, think that they said "you're either in ntl area, or telewest area, if you're in one you cant get the other"
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I'm on Orange 8Mb unlimited at £17.99 per month. (max speed I have witnessed is 6Mb).

You have be willing to put up with diabolical Orange customer service reps
NTL and Telewest are the same company now, and will soon be re-branded under the Virgin banner (Virgin media) I think. If you have Sky you could get Sky broadband from £0* a month 2gb usage and upto 2 meg speed, for £10 a month you could have unlimited (fair use) with speeds of upto 16meg for £5* you could have upto 8meg speeds with a 40gb cap. You'll need a sky subscription and a BT phoneline to take advantage Bt Line rental starts at around £11 and sky subscritions start at around £15. So you could have digital TV, Broadband and Phone from £26 a month (basic package) Package with Sports, Movies, and Max Broadband would be £70(ish).
If the premises you live it has never had a BT line, you will have to pay around £120 for the line activated (even if a socket is present in your house). If service has been provided by BT in the past (by anyone that lived there) it'll be free.

*£40 activation (free with Max)

24MB down
1.3MB up


Bethere.co.uk24MB down1.3MB upUnlimited£24

Plus telephone line rental
I got this e-mail from telewest/NTL yesterday

Dear Mr Xxxxxxxxxx

Did you know that as a cable broadband customer you're also connected to cable's digital TV service? And, as if that wasn't good enough, you can turn it on for free by upgrading to one of our phone packages (starting from just £11 a month when you pay by Direct Debit).

This means access to a library of over 500 films and TV shows, our pick of the last 7 days' TV, and over 30 new channels are only the touch of a button away. And because you're already connected, all you have to do is click here or call 0800 952 8058 for a whole new TV experience.

EDIT: The 4mb package is the best offer at the minute, I would get the 10mb package if there was a greater upstream rate but its the same as the 4mb package so their is no point getting the 10mb in my honest opinion. Gaming is all about the ping which is all upstream, P2P file sharing is all about the upstream the more you upload the faster you download. So unless you want to buy/rent a leased line, T1 type thing then the 4mb package is all good.
I cant believe the deals you guys can get ! I live in Hull, thus we HAVE TO USE crappy Kingston Communications and I am paying 29.99 for a 2mb down 256k up.

What a gyp.....!
paddy & euro look like some good deals you guys have found. The only thing I didnt mention is that I have sky TV full package (movies/sports) as an "additional box holder" and pay £10 pm so I'm happy with that TV wise.

My mums has the main box & a telephone line with BT on incoming calls in the living room on ground floor(phone bills always get ran up by mum/ brothers & nobody claaims responsilibility & then bills not paid) Because of this I was thinking of getting my stuff seperate, plus my room is upstairs.

but thinkin about it, it would make more sence if possible, to get the sky broadband deal where you pay extra for the uncapped service, rather then stay with what I got. The only thing is theres no grantee of how long the BT line will be on ( basically its unregulated useage goin on that my mum dont control )

Just a question: Would they be able to put the broadband in my room ? which is upstairs, but main phone line is down stairs. and I have heard you cant get another broadband service while gettin a broad band service with a provider, is that true???
Sky provide a Wireless (Netgear) router as standard, so you could use that feature to send your signal upstairs. You'd need some sort of wi-fi reciever (dongle, PCI) to get the signal upstairs. Sky will flog you one for about £25 or you could ask a HUKDer to find you one. You can only have 1 broadband provider on your line. The cable companys don't use BT's copper network to deliver broadband so you could have Cable broadband and Broadband over BT's Network. If your house is already subscribing to sky and has an active phone line you'd be best taking the Sky deal. If you take the Max option they'll even send you an installer free of charge.
^^^ yea I think I'm goin to try and call sky sometime soon. This is probably the best deal for me because than I'll be paying in total £20pm (Sky £10, Sky Broad band £10) instead of £35 pm (Sky - £10, telewest broadband - £25)

The only problem I have with beinging the receiver of broadband by a wireless network is that "you're on the slow end" e.g I seen this at my house (i think), as i have the main broadband connection and share it to my sisters computer down stairs by a linkeys wireless router and adapter. I'm not sure if its just the settings but there internet connection seems to be slower then mine. Right now its not working otherwise I'll test it.
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