A Big Thankyou Thread

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    Thought I'd start a big thankyou thread, there are many people on here who show acts of kindness to others on the forum, often to those who've they've never met. Feel free to add your thanks to someone who's helped you out.

    A couple of people on here have gone out of their way to help me over the last couple of days, so I'd like to say a big thankyou to them.


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    So a big thankyou to Hawick and Vicki4903, you are both stars!! xx

    would like to say a big thank you to barky who sent me a hamster this time last year when i could'nt find one

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    Would also like to thank sickly sweet for her charity threads and the inspiration she's provided to my son x

    Barky is a kind soul and a great poster - he has been kind to me also by sending me vouchers for a theme park saving us £30.

    WIHAD you also helped me out by texting me details for something this year! So thank you too!

    My name is not there..................ignore list

    Well done to said members.........good community spirit.

    Id also like to thanks sickly sweet for her generosity with raising money for charity and also munnski for being an absolute angel and finding me bullseye when i couldnt find any round here Hawick also another person who goes out of her way to help me with a few things too - so thanks everyone!!!

    Great thread WIHAD there are so many ppl on here that are constantly doing nice things for ppl but it doesnt get recognised

    Bossyboots has sent my missus loads of stuff relating to a local band,and also some great vouchers for free beer.

    Syzable is always willing to help anyone out with advice,tuition on how to do loadsa stuff.

    It should be remembered,that altho there are a few trolls,in general this is a great community with great members who help each other whenever they can.

    there are always plenty of members happy to help in anyway they can so thank you to everyone who takes the time to give advice,vocuhers,freebies,codes etc that's why this site is so good....<3


    Before we get the flood:

    Those who I have helped over my years of being on here, please do not post about it.
    I am trying very hard to earn this belief that I am a bit of a twit.

    I know I've helped you, you know I've helped you. But don't tell anyone, otherwise I have to change persona.

    JonnyNiceNice doesn't work for me!

    I would like to thank my parents, my agent, god.........:p

    Cheers to Barky who helped me out with a voucher this week...

    I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has donated to charity from my threads, to fem martian, and everyone who has helped me get a bargain - Christmas will be a lot cheaper thanks to this site. Funds are tight at the moment but I've been able to get some fabby quality items for bargain prices X)
    Plus I've enjoyed some laughs on misc, many laughs over the year (through funny threads or peoples stupidity!!).

    Wait till one minute past night to give thanks.

    so many nice people hard to list!
    thanks to anyone who has helped me in the past or who has made me laugh!


    However! A big thank you to ILOVEPINK for trying to get me fat on PeanutButter M&Ms

    And a BIG thank you to Guv, Adam and Boothy for giving me some ammunition.

    And a BIG thankyou to DLM for being able to repel the crap you guys throw at her. I really respect that.

    (Can we also have a "people we hate" thread?)
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    Thanks to master chief who helped me loads setting up my server

    I would like to thank wishihadadonkey just for being you and being my friend!!.xx

    loads of helpfull posters but barky get my vote with his disneyland paris advise, he could have ignored my im's on subject but replied to them all with loads of good tips

    cheers m8

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    My name is not there..................ignore list :pWell done to said … My name is not there..................ignore list :pWell done to said members.........good community spirit.

    Thanks to you too, for helping me with my really stupid technical questions and for being a big Mr Tumble fan x

    Big thanks to ih8crouch for posting the £40 ebay/zavvi wii

    thanks to:

    u make me lols with ur squabbling...we all know its just pent up love for each other.

    right back at you missus, you're one lovely lady<3



    Noone in particular to thank... Other than all the ladies on the … Noone in particular to thank... Other than all the ladies on the pregnancy thread... Always lots of good advice and listening to my ranting

    On behalf of all the ladies on the pregnancy thread, they'd like to thank JonnyTwoToes.
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