Found 5th Feb 2007
I hope this works…xls


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it didn't work....

Original Poster

try now

yea, its working. 22 of them which I can't get, lol

OOooh the power of marketing - and brand awareness!!

Original Poster

I know it worried me greatly when I realised I could get most of them off the bat. I think I spend to much time in sweet shops!!!

60/75 for me!

It tells you at top of page incase you missed it, lol

Still working on it, but I have 37/75... :?

this is tuff ion breau but how do I spell it???? Wheres the answers 43 so far

irn bru


iron bru ??

im crap, dunno why tho the amount of chocolate i eat lol

OMG I'm too tired for this...and I'm useless at spotting brand logos..probably cos I never watch adverts ont TV.
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