A bit of a tricky situation

Found 13th Dec 2006
Hi guys,

thought i would post in here, out of the way for some advice.. so its a semi long story so bear with me.

1. Using an well known online retailer i placed an order back in september for several items which were preordered. When placing the order i remembered i had £5 worth of points on a loyalty card and proceeded to use them to deduct £5 from the price of one item (£30 total).

2. It was a bit confusing, so i deducted the £5 worth of points, but it didnt seem to work so went back through the process and did it again.

3. Low and behold at checkout i had £10 worth of points not £5, so i thought "lucky me" and ordered using all the points.

4. Now it got me thinking.. if i can double my points why cant i triple? It probably wont work and i will get caught, but it there fault as its confusing, as i did it as a mistake first time.

5. So anyway i made two more orders one for another game using £35 worth of points i didnt have, and another for two controllers for £50 of points i didnt have, thus paying £0 for those two orders. I cancelled the first order, so leaving two orders at £0 each but for a total of £80 of goods.

6. I was waiting a few days to see if my orders were confirmed.

7. After this point i was going to post on here, letting everyone know of this error.

8. Day 4 since ordering came, and my account with the website was suspended. "Oh **** i thought"

9. So i gave up, and created a new account and ordered the games i needed at full price thinking nothing more of it.

10. Today, my first game i got for free has arrived with a reciept of £0.00 and i have checked my bank and no charge has been made.

So! What do you guys recon, obviously i cant order anymore stuff as my account is suspended but it seems the orders are going through... do you think the shop can come after me for payment if they put two and two together?

Im sorry for not telling you which shop it is, reason is.. if they are flooded with free orders it will put my chances of getting this for free, at slim... Of course once (or if) i get the second part i will post the store, and you can try at your own risk!
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It doesn't make sense to me that they would suspend your account but still dispatch your order.

It doesn't make sense to me that they would suspend your account but … It doesn't make sense to me that they would suspend your account but still dispatch your order.

well exactly.. it honestly took me several minutes to figure out why i had been sent the item this morning... I would imagine they had blacklisted me or something.. :pirate:
Well my interpritation of consumer law is that once you have recieved an invoice (which stated £0.00 in your case) then they are to honour this - I think you're pretty safe with regards to them comming after you for money.

However as you say, they may have reliased the flaw in the system and suspended your account to stop you making more purchases like this while they fix the loophole (which would make sense if it is an automated system)
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