a bit of legal advice

    the company has gone under and all accounts and assets have been frozen.

    our guitarist from my band put a £200 deposit on some studio monitors about 3-4 months ago which had to be ordered in from abroad. - with the company freezing, they are telling him theres nothing they can do about the £200 deposit and that he cant even have the speakers.

    the odd thing is sound control is still open for trading until new buyers are ound.

    anyone got any thoughts or what the best source of solution is ?


    Probably have to put a claim in with the administrators as a debtor I suspect.

    Being under administration doesn't mean that the company isn't allowed to be a bunch of c*nts. It does, however, seem that they're not allowed to take any more orders, so I guess that what's happened is that they've taken the deposit money, not bothered to do anything about the speakers, and are now in the situation that they're not able to order them in as they can only sell stock available instore.

    Me, I would go back to the store, ask to speak with the manager, ask him to issue the refund, and if he refuses, to put exactly why he is refusing in writing, and to sign it. I would then ask for him to write his personal details down too, explaining that as he is the agent of the Sound Control group responsible for failing to arrange the order of the speakers in good time, I will consider taking legal action against him personally if action against the company proves fruitless. This is of course a bluff, but is he going to risk his jobless pockets or break a dying company's rules? That added bit of pressure might well help.

    I'd do that first, anyway. Trading Standards is an option, but time is running short. Although I'd have far more admiration for your guitarist if he did the rock n roll thing, which is to settle the dispute by picking up a PRS and running very fast.

    putting a claim in doesn't mean you'll get your money back, my hubby is self employed & did some work for a company last year who still haven't paid him at all over £1000! these people aren't stupid they hide all their assets so they don't have to give you a penny then set up again as a new company :-(

    How did he pay the deposit? If it was by credit card, he needs to contact the cc company asap.

    if you paid by credit card you may be able to claim through them with the "chargeback team", i.e. goods not received
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