A bit out of the loop on on 4k TVs.. advice?

Found 6th May
Was going to pickup one of these last couple of years but decided to wait - so all the models i had shortlisted seem to have 'fallen away', so many TV deals last few days though so tempted again... but oh man, having to dig through display specs to find out something is wrong is great fun :P

running a couple of 4k devices now so looking to upgrade TV to:
4k / 10bit / 50-55 inch = required , OS/features not so much
@ around 600-900ish £

whats the current recommended choices with that in mind? (gaming/media mixed use)
Samsung MU8000?
Sony KD55XE8596?
Panasonic TX-50EX750B?
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If you're gaming on it latency will be driving point. Doesn't matter how nice it looks if your controls lag.
Iv got the 65 mu8000. I’m no expert at this at all but Iv got no problems with it what so ever
TV models are typically replaced annually so it's no surprise 2015/2016 models are all gone by now.

What do you mean by '10-bit'? It's a term that can refer to several things.
Mu8000 has input lag of 22-24 which isn’t bad for a tv. I have the mu7000 and it’s a decent tv and I mainly game on it. You will need to turn off the features for gaming it makes the look false. I also found the colour and graphics look better when game mode is off and you can’t see much difference in lag
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