a bit too expensive for a shirt

Found 22nd Mar 2006

£163163.99 is a bit too pricey for a shirt.

Its probably a misprice, one hell of a misprice.


No, thats a genuine price.

lol, was: 163163.00 now 163163.99, meaning they wasnt charging enough that they put it up by 99p!! lol

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No, thats a genuine price.

i knew the brand was expensive but didnt kno that expensive.

By the way if anyone plans to buy it for £163163.99, then you'll hav to pay £163168.00 for delivery. Lol must cover delivery insurance or something.

final cost £326331.99 delivered

God what a bargain , shouldn't this be in Hot Deals section?

I just brought it but I'm worried they may not honor this as its to seem to good to be true :thumbsup:

Yay! I bought two! Hope the site honours the price!

Mens Evisu Striped High neck shirt Sky Blue S 02 £163163.99 £326327.98 … Mens Evisu Striped High neck shirt Sky Blue S 02 £163163.99 £326327.98 Mens Evisu Striped High neck shirt Sky Blue M 01 £163163.99 £163163.99 ------------------------ ------------ ----- -------- -------- -------- Sub Total £489491.97 Shipping £489498.00 ------------------------ ------------ ----- -------- -------- -------- Total 03 £978989.97

LOL :cry:

just bought a couple...


Had to return mine - it was too small

Think I'll buy a new house instead

They're wanting the shirt off your back to buy a shirt :roll:

why would you buy this when you could have a brand new BB coat EVERY SINGLE DAY for 32633 days !

I can't believe you worked that out.

way too much time on your hands ryoooh!!!

i cant believe you checked it ! :P

And I can't believe it's still there. :?

Does that site do quidco? Damn it doesn't

If you got the order tracked (providing your c/c company did not laugh uproariously at the very notion of you exceeding your credit limit to pay for a shirt)
Even at 1% return you're still looking at £1631 to your quidco account. :lol:
Then very apologetically call them and cancel the order... say the stripes would make you look fat or something.
Do you think they'd notice?
( Note to self - write begging letter to quidco to get this merchant on the list)

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