A certain Fruit coloured Telephone company doin my head in!

Found 6th Feb 2007
How many times does my partner have to tell them to deal with me, but no everytime I go through the same hassle...even put it in writing, signed recorded to them to have access granted to me on my partners account.....

when registering a PAYG sim card in my name, reverts back to my partners who had the original pay monthly Been changed now 3 times and still they wont talk to ME.....Aaaargh

Last night told me I was the registered keeper of the PAYG contract now, have been for the last 2 weeks, but did you know the certain company keep 2x records - one for customer services in whereever and one when you go to retentions....however wanted to speak with my partner.....Aaaaargh

Every time I call, the same old same old - do they not keep records???

Such as shame as the fruity company used to be so good...:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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sorry for the rant...needed to air it out,

feel better for it now

Sometimes it helps just to let it all out. If its any consilation, I recently had a 'run in' with the same, Fruit-named company.. speaking to two different people in two days.. who both phoned up about the same thing.. wouldn't take no for an answer. Still.. they give me free broadband and free cinema tickets every Wednesday so I can't really complain!!

Apple ?

Original Poster

the other one

[SIZE=2]Banana Telecoms.[/SIZE]

Original Poster

The orange variety....:roll: :-D
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