a challenge (if you're up for it)....

    I've been asked to get a copy of 'Moon Country' by The High Dials on CD for a friends birthday but am having real trouble finding it in this country/abroad from a reputable seller without exorbitant P&P.

    As HUKD'ers are obviously the font of all knowledge; I thought I'd ask to see if anyone can help me find it.

    Rep for any kind helpers.


    A New Devotion
    Price: £12.44

    War of the Wakening Phantoms
    Price: £8.62

    Fields in Glass Ep
    RRP: £5.99

    The Holy Ground Ep
    Price: £4.99

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    Thanks. I think he has all of those though. 'Moon Country' is their latest album released October 2008 (I think).

    You can buy a MP3 download of the LBUM from here, if you have no other luck…281

    I just found it, I think, on soulseek :thumbsup:…121

    £8.88 192kbps Mp3 Download

    +$2 Lossless flac

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    Thanks everyone for the help - he'll be a happy bunny!
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