A cheap and fast way to unlock a samsung galaxy s2 phone

    Hi ...does anyone know a cheap and fast way to unlock a samsung galaxy s2 phone. Its for a friend who is off to america tomorrow and hes only just realised that the phone he has is locked so will not take an american sim.



    cheper using a 3 sim than buying one in the usa if u get phone unlocked

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    Its just to use for local calls whilst in america

    Make sure the phone's data is backed up before following these steps

    The easiest and most quickest way is to factory resetting to unlock the phone,
    1. Just turn off the phone by pulling out battery.
    2. Then reinsert the battery and press and hold in sequence volume up & home button & power button.
    3. Hold them all until the phone vibrates, you may have to repeat this step until the phone vibrates as it's not easy,
    4. When successfully done you will see a droid not boot image like normal. Now your phone is in recovery mode, here your touch screen won't work temporarily.
    5. Use volume buttons for navigation and power button for selection, select every 'clear' option.
    6. When your done just pull out the battery again, now the phone should be factory reset.
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    What network is it locked to? Some networks allow you to unlock their handsets free of charge.

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    Call up your network to see if they'll unlock it for free, it worked for my iphone but not sure about the samsung.. If not you could probs get an unlock on eBay as well

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    Thank for all trying to help but hes now gone and decided to buy a cheap phone and use that.

    There are a bunch of apps on the play store that apparently do this. I just rooted mine and it did the trick.
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