A "Cheap" Suit - BHS, Next, River Island

Found 30th Jan 2014
After a cheap navy suit...no, don't worry, not after a magistrate's special from Asda, something which fits and looks a little better - but without breaking the bank.

I do have a couple of "decent" suits, nice wool material and perfect fit, however after something for when businesswear is needed but the "good stuff" could become damaged etc.

Weighing up a few offerings across BHS, River Island and Next - with RI and BHS naturally coming out a bit cheaper.

Just wondering whether anybody here has anything good, or bad, to say about suits from any of these places?

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If your not particularly tall primark is good. Think there trousers are only regular. Next is always pretty good I find and machine washable.
Did pop in to the local Primark this evening, however the only suit jackets I liked (1 navy, one a grey herringbone type pattern) they had jackets but no matching trousers.

Nope, not particularly tall - regular trousers are spot on. 42R jacket, 36R trousers.

Funnily enough I nearly posted a couple of M&S suit deals the other day when the 20% was on but got distracted and the price went back up. Think this is still reasonable down from £199 to £71.98 though and free C&C marksandspencer.com/Col…r-3
Couple of others for slightly less if you're not set on navy, pretty good variety of sizes in all
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Matalan aint too bad for some , same with Burton if their sale is still on
I would say M&S ones are really good and look very smart. Try their outlet stores where you will be able to get a good one less than £60.
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Matalan quality are ok for day to day basic office type stuff and carry a lot of sizes and look ok if you are normal size...although I did crease up at Mr bunny coming out of the changing rooms wearing "his size" (6'5,now almost 19 stone) almost splitting on the arms and shoulders saying he liked that one and what did I think?! X) I think it might be worth trying on instore then ordering online to use codes etc as they are all cut differently and everyone is different shapes
OP....what sort of sizes?
Thanks for all of the feedback ladies and gents.

As for sizing, looking for 42R Jacket and 36R Trousers really (Usually take 34 in jeans, but 36 in trousers - 34 trousers being too tight and 36 needing a belt, haha). 31 leg is the ideal, as 32 typically a bit long.

Will give M&S and Matalan a good look - had a bad experience with some M&S shoes last year and replaced them with River Island ones which have worn a lot better - quite a fan of River Island stuff usually, but never shopped there for business stuff.

Only thought of BHS as the stacking codes bring a 2 piece suit in at under £50 - although not much more than that at RI or M&S it seems.

Debenhams also have a sale and have a lot of navy ones I can see too, might be worth a look, goodluck x
Ooh, a racing green sharkskin wool blend, navy suit - a snip surely at £78!

Yes it's perhaps £20 more than I'd have spent elsewhere, but I'm thinking it's probably well worth it.

Last quick browse around and then may have to click the button, as limited stock left.

Ordered, with 5% Quidco too - so total will be just a shade under £75 when all said and done. Bit of a bargain, thanks bunny!
My Racing Green suit turned up last night...fab service from the UK Mail driver on behalf of Debenhams, I was out at work when he tried to deliver so he called my mobile and arranged to deliver at 7pm last night.

And the suit as brilliant, just what I was looking for. Perfect fit, nice cloth and a bargain price too.

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