A cheque that is 4 and half years old can i still cash it

    When i was tidy up in the house i found this cheque, it not for alot i thought the wife cashed it years ago, but can i still cash it now after all this time lol.


    nope..... think only valid for 3 months?


    Yep, pretty sure it expires after 6 months...maybe less


    can you contact the person for another cheque?

    either way it's a no!

    Just out of interest how much was the cheque for ?


    Hi, I work in accounts, cheques are only valid for 6 months.

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    Thanks for the repleys. can't remember who it came from now it was only for £1.80p LOL

    But just wondered if it was still valid.


    oh lawd

    Technically cheques are alwaays due for payment no matter how old they are. However the 6 month are correct - offically a cheque goes "stale" after 6 months and the bank will knock it back. You can however demand that the drawing bank pay it

    It's still valid, but the bank may not make payment on it, and return it.
    THe best thing to do is pay it in using a self service machine, and hope for the best.


    6 months.

    From ]http//ww…es/

    "It is common banking practice to reject cheques that are over six months old to protect the payer, on the basis that payment may already have been made by some other means or the cheque may have been lost or stolen. However, this is at the discretion of individual banks. It should not be assumed that cheques in excess of six months old would automatically be rejected — the only certain way to cancel a cheque is to request that a stop be placed on it (although cheques backed by a Cheque Guarantee Card cannot be stopped). It is recommended that, if possible, customers in possession of cheques that are over six months old obtain a replacement. A cheque remains legally valid for six years."

    If the company or person who originally issued it can be contacted you could ask for an updated cheque. Unless they can prove that the money was drawn think the cheque proves that you are owed money even if you are unable to cash that particular cheque.


    paid in a cheque (halifax) told me 6 months
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