A cliff hanger

    A bloke is out walking his dog and he sees a fit blonde girl on the cliff edge.
    ''What are you up to? Are you going to jump?''
    ''Yeah'', she replied.
    ''Oh dear, before you jump, you couldn't give me a BJ could you?"
    She gives him the best BJ he has ever had.....''I cant believe it, you have a great talent, why would you want to kill yourself?''
    ''I know, but my parents just cant accept me dressing up as a girl''.



    aww i thought this was gonna give an ending to the emasu stalker suspense thing :giggle:

    Did this happen to you? LOL

    Why did he ask for a Brown Jumper???

    Original Poster


    Why did he ask for a Brown Jumper???

    he was cold up there on the cliff?:whistling:

    'talent' :w00t:

    Original Poster


    'talent' :w00t:

    Is this a talent?
    Doin the quiz tonight Chesso or watching BB (or both?)


    Is this a talent?Doin the quiz tonight Chesso or watching BB (or both?)

    Quiz for me skusey although I had a migraine this morning so my answers will be hopless. BB - never.
    Not quite sure what we're supposed to do quiz-wise though. You know that you said 'Don't hold your breath' when I suggested you PM me the answers, well I didn't - so I'll expect your best.:thumbsup:
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