A couple of questions about Apple Watch 5

Posted 13th Nov
Apologies in advance for seeming a bit thick.
I think I’m right models of watch with cellular can make and receive calls without your actual iPhone being anywhere near.
How exactly does it do that? Do you simply pair it with the phone or does it need it’s own sim inside?
If it needs its own sim, will your current phone contract provider, provide you with a duplicate sim that fits so you keep your own number or must you also shell out for a new contract with a different phone number?
I’m supposed to being getting one for Christmas so need to know the answer ASAP please so the giver can order the right one.
My other question is the size choice. I have quite a small wrist, arthritic joints but also failing eyesight LOL Which size would be best compromise given that the big one might feel too heavy?
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They come with SIM cards in them and you connect it to your provider. I’m with o2 and they charge £5 per month to use the watch with data and making calls independently of the phone. I’m not sure what price other providers charge you’ll have to check.
It’s got an esim so basically nothing inside but a chip that copies your own sim, I’m with ee for mine and it costs £7 a month for the watch sim and which is kinda pointless unless you plan on leaving your phone at home quite often.
I have always worn decent watches and the 44mm watch is similar size to normal decent watches but boy do you realise the difference in weight, Apple watches are so light if you’ve ever worn a real watch you’ll not notice an apple arch on your wrist. My 9 year old son has the smaller one but even the bigger one is fine so for a man you have to get the bigger 44
Many thanks folks. I think the extra cash for using the sim connection is not worth it. I’m paying enough as it is. I was quite surprised that you need to pay more. My contract has unlimited calls and text with 25GB data. It really shouldn’t matter how many devices use it as long as they are mine. That’s the way the cookie crumbles I suppose. 🤪
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