A couple of questions on raspberry pi 3 b

Found 1st Feb
Hi, I've bought a raspberry pi 3 b and have also bought a dual fan to power off GPIO pins 4 (5v) + 6 (GND). I also want to install a shutdown switch in case it freezes up and I need to shutdown. Unfortunately this uses pins 5(SCL1 i2C) + 6 (GND).

Does the GPIO use a common GND i.e. all the ground pins are connected and will there be an issue with back EMF as the fans stop (Probably not an issue), I would assume that the 5v GPIO pins have a diode setup to prevent this ?

So would it be better to use pins 4+6 for the fan and 5+9 for the shutdown switch ?

Sorry to seem vague but had it long and it's a lot to take on at once.

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Grounds are common.

the gpio does have a protection circuit so will be ok
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mds12561st Feb

Grounds are common.the gpio does have a protection circuit so will be ok

Thanks, makes life a lot easier for me
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