A cry for help to Little Big Planet players...

    Can someone please heart me as an author on the game? I only need one author heart to get the create trophy. If you do heart me send me a message on PSN or leave a comment on one of my levels and I will play, tag, 5* rate and heart your level and you as an author in return.

    Thanks in advance,

    PSN ID: Blu-Frase



    Tell me how to do it, ill add you, then heart it.

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    Dimitar Berbatov;4439584

    Tell me how to do it, ill add you, then heart it.

    If you you go Community > Search > Search Text (then enter my PSN ID: Blu-Frase) it will bring up my player icon (looks like a polaroid picture) and my levels, then go into the player icon and choose 'Add to hearted'

    ok il heart you as soon as i go, it will probz be 20mins

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    Awesome thanks everyone really appreciate it, will heart you in the game and your levels and give you rep on here.

    Chris you on just now. If you heart me send me a message or post here with your PSN ID so I can repay the favour

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    Got the trophy now thanks everyone have repped you all.

    Anyway /thread

    if anyone wants to do it for me too or just add me for a game of fifa 08 taz1x is my tag

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    Quality levels mate..

    I am glad you like them. i am working on a new zombie themed one which is shaping up to be awesome if I say so myself. It's only about 25% done though, making a good level takes so damn long

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    yeah I am the same, I have a bunch of partially built levels that I have got bored with. Will drop you a message on PSN when the level is done. I am really happy with it so far just not sure what I am going to do next with it, there is only about 3 or 4 minutes gameplay so far but it looks cool, lol
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