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Found 2nd Jan 2010
So guys and gals, hopefully not a thread already.

I've been accumulating games on various console platforms for many many years now and it's time to trade em in as the house needs a life laundry moment. I've noticed that the supermarkets are now in on the whole play/trade deal too so was wondering if folks had some general recommendations on the best places to trade your games in (ie. the ones that give the best price) and if there is the difference, the best places to buy second hand games (ie. the ones that offer them cheaper and/or have the best variety).

I know that this is of course subjective and I'm not being game-specific here, just after some general opinions please!

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argos seem really good, got £18 for medal of honour today...seems nuts cos they are selling it for £19..lol
First stop, check cex - see if that value is good enough, if not, try gamestation - or even better - put them on here a few quid more than cex!
I found Asda to be really good on a couple off games i have traded. I noticed today that Gamestation were giving 50% more if you take cash for the game. When I traded in Bioshock I recieved £7 on an Asda giftcard and Game offered me £2.50.

If youre games are old I would say that the trade in would be so low it would almost not be worth bothering. I usually give the older games away rather than get a £1 for them. Out of interest I wonder that the trade in prices are for the games they are selling for £5. I would say less than a quid. Each to their own though. Theres a thread about trades. Ill try and find it for you.

This may give you some better ideas.
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My husband collects old games so, if, at any point you plan on listing them on here he may be interested in some of them (generally the older the better)
thank you all so much for your help - much appreciated folks
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