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Found 19th Nov 2017
So I ride my old mountain bike here and there but recently have been inspired to make more use of cycling. However as my routes contain a mixture of off road and road I find the mountain bike is clunky and heavy due to its age and not being suited to the conditions. Is there a bike I can buy that isn't ridiculously expensive but will meet my needs of occasional and casual mixture in road biking and off road?
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see if your eligble for a bike to work scheme
saves a fortunes and spread the cost
Thanks, but unfortunately I'm self employed
To be honest, I’d look at bike reviews for top budget buys a couple of years ago ie 2015 and 2014 top 5 budget bikes..:then look on eBay for those exact models...people buy them - especially Carrara or Voodoo bikes or more upmarket - and they sit unused in garages for a couple of years then they sell them on for bargain prices. They are usually collection only so it might take a month or so to find one within good driving distances but equally that keeps the prices down as you generally aren’t in competition with many buyers. I paid £100 for a barely used one that was good specs for its price of £400 two years ago
Are you looking to buy new or happy with used?

How off road do you need? Do you need suspension (heavy+clunky) ?

Key thing would be something with reasonably wide tyres - not the daft narrow stuff that many road bikes have.

A used cx/cyclocross bike would probably be excellent for you. Sturdy enough to take the off road stuff but still good on the road.

If looking new then a PlanetX london Road would be good - look for ex-display

On the other hand it is quite surprising what you can gt away with on just a road bike...

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As mas99 is saying a cyclocross which is a road style setup normally with disc and more sturdy to take the of road challenges. Width of tyres add to the absorption (hence some love was is classed as Fatties). If not going suspension fork material comes next on absorbing with Aluminium worse, steel next and carbon best (more flex in that order). As to what is ridiculous and decent is relative and you would need to give us a clue on your budget to get any realisticaly suitable suggestions.
If your budget is only around £200 then carrera bikes from halfords are good value but only when they offer discount codes which knock another 20% off
Carrera Subway in the January sales. It's a hybrid bike with decent drivetrain and disc brakes. No suspension so quite efficient but 27.5" wheels for strength. Many hybrids have weaker 700c wheels not ideal for any offroading. As there are so many Halfords stores definitely worth a visit to check one out. Probably better to actually buy online though.
you can get hybrids which are designed for both terrain. they are around £700 - £800 for a low end one. i and my husband have the Dahon Espresso, which is a hybrid bike that is lightweight and folds into two so they can be taken on public transport or thrown into the boot of the car once folded up.

i would encourage everyone to take up cycling. it is a wonderful sport and is so rewarding. i don't know why everyone is not out cycling, especially in the summer when the sun is shining.
You won't get a decent Dahon on a budget unless you buy secondhand. Many of their entry level and one step up models have very poor components. A Carrera folding bike at £300 approx would be the equivalent in fitted components of probably a £600-900 Dahon bike and the Carrera bike would still have the stronger frame with higher weight capacity albeit with a slightly increased frame weight. Carrera Subway represents the strongest most reliable budget bike fit for both road and off road use. It has a strong frame taken from the mountain bike range as are the wheels but rigid forks and decent budget freehub drivetrain not a low end freewheel. All features that keep the bike simple and reliable but still very versatile. It's like the modern equivalent on a early 90s fully rigid mountain bike. I'd replace the saddle though.
Hiya all, what has been said is much appreciated. I think my budget is limited to£200 tops
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