A few bedroom drawers, £577! :O (would like cheaper)

    Hey guys,

    I went into Harveys yesterday and found some really nice cabinets for the bedroom, a couple of these for either side of the bed:

    (2 x £149)…spx

    and one of these to go over the other side, for the TV:

    (1 x £279)…spx

    Now they look quite nice, so I'm after something similar, but I'm wondering if they're a bit over-priced? I mean surely I could get something similar for a lot cheaper than that?

    Any suggestions would be great for a fairly decent quality drawers at a good price would be fantastic. I checked Ikea but they had nothing at all similar




    Looks like a rip off to me and harveys were on Watchdog last week. Im an Ikea girl :-)

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    Thanks, I did have a look on their website but couldn't really see anything even close to being like it unfortunately! Think it's worth me going to the store (probably a 2 hour round trip!) in the hope they'd have something a bit different to the website? Or is everything already on there?


    I think everythings already on there am afraid!

    Just found this, not sure if its any good?…ase

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    Looks pretty nice that, thank you! (rep'd!) - something like that would instantly be a decent and considerable saving of £200 too! :O

    Winslow Wide 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet - £33.75 @ ]Sainsbury's.

    Brandon 4 Drawer Wide Chest, Walnut Effect - £80.99 @ ]Tesco.

    Windsor 3 Drawer Wide Chest, Dark Oak - £179.99 @ ]Tesco.

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    Quite like the winslow! thanks nomeames

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    As good as the Harveys ones are, and as nice as they look - they're about £450 more expensive than the winslow! Think it could be a no brainer

    do they have to be darker wood?
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