A few iphone 3g questions

    hi all, looking to buy a 3g iphone and have a few questions i hope u lot can help with.

    1) whats the going rate for a iphone 3g 16gb?
    2) can i use a orange sim in it?
    3) do turbo sims etc work on iphones?



    1: pass check ebay
    2: you below
    3: yes some do

    technically you can but not out the box, you need to jailbreak the phone (quickpwn) inject some code into the baseband (software that deals with the phone connections) yell0wsnow is its old name this is out but only works on older versions of firmware as the baseband needs a bug for them to esploit to inject said code, there is news of ultrasn0w that will be released shortly which is meant to work on any 3g once you update it to the new 3.0 firmware which means any 3g would be unlockable. You will void all warranty but its well tested.

    I dont know the forum rules regarding this but as far as i am concerned a second hand phone is yours to own and do what you like, this does not allow use of any apple or 02 product for free (ie theft) it allows you to use your own paid for sim on another network, ohh and knowlede is free no links to iffy sites. hope thats ok, if not sorry in advanced.


    1.£280-£330 dependent on condition

    2.if unlocked yes

    3.not worth it anymore full software unlock available from friday


    if i buy a iphone 3g from another country thats locked, then unlock it … if i buy a iphone 3g from another country thats locked, then unlock it using ultrasnow etc will i be able to use my orange sim in it?

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