A few minutes of your time

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm posting this on behalf of my better half. She's doing an Adult Education course for her GCSE in Psychology - as part of this she has to do a research study.

    If you can spare about 20 minutes of your time, we'd be really grateful if you take part.

    The study is at

    Thanks in advance!


    Original Poster

    For those of you too lazy... I'll post the address as a link as well!

    I'll have a go later when he children are in bed. I remember how difficult it was to get hold of subjects for my psychology courses.

    Can I have some rep if I fill in the survey? pleaseeeeeeee.

    Original Poster

    sure why not

    Cool - filling your survey as we speak

    That was pretty hard actually, especially towards the end on the 8*3 letter bits...

    goign to do it now

    Done It


    ssorry I got to six single letters and my head exploded.

    Ok Kris I have just done it. Have to admit though that I was waiting on it telling me that I was an eejit for sitting doing it, seen as how it is April 1st :-D

    Done it - what a challenge, I think i did okay tho!!!

    :lol: well i was poo!
    If you want some more replies from people with memory problems i can post it on the site im on for people with a condition that effects the brain and memory just let me know

    Done........that certainly got harder!!

    My head has cabbaged! :w00t:

    Done the test also - definitely gets tougher - when it go to 7 and 8 i wasnt able to keep up - kept missing one or two

    All done - I hop I don't bring the average down and wreck the whole study - I was SO VERY VERY bad at that!

    Gosh that was hard, shows how bad my memory is - thanks for that

    strewth - that was challenging!!:w00t:

    Test completed = brain fried!!!
    I studied GCSE pyschology but it was childhood pyschology

    Did the test and i have a memory problem so it should be interesting to get the results :?

    Did the test for you and I have a headache now!!!! Thanks for that!!

    TFI over!
    My brain hurts

    Beats doing the ironing I suppose :thumbsup:

    Well I was going to have a go then read all the posts. I have enough of a headache as it is

    Thought that you might be interested to know that shortly after getting up this morning, my mind filled with 3-letter groups www, nhs and others including lcd, which I think I forgot at the time!!
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