A few questions about cashback/Quidco/Rpoints

Found 11th Dec 2006
Hey all,

Sorry I am a complete newbie here. I am attempting to do some research for my MSc project on cashback sites, I made a five question survey on the link below:

*edit* I now have well over 70 responses, thanks for taking part! The results showed a real age range with 25-30's being the biggest users, most people use two sites almost all the time. The rest of the answers were evenly balanced, which really surprised me actually! Thanks again!

I hope that this is okay and I am not breaking any spam rules, if so please drop me a message and I will get rid of it. If not I would really appreciate it if you could fill it out, should take less than 2 minutes really.

Thanks again,
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Just completed one for ya!
goingoink could you post some more details about your MSc and university? No offense but you only have one post here and have registered with a hotmail email address...
Thanks and no problem, I am going to Bristol University studying an MSc in Entrepreneurship. I didnt know whether any spam ppl could see my email so I posted with an anonymous address

9 responses so far!


PS Just added my Bristol Addy as my main profile one
Just completed for you.
Plain and simple!
Why can't all surveys be like this! :geek:
Tapped in my thoughts, it might be interesting to see the results when you are done.
Thanks again guys I'm up to 14 responses now! I will be happy to share the results when I am done, theres a much bigger age range using cashback sites then I expected I must say.

25-30's are in the lead so far though by a whisker.

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