A Gift from Scotland HELP!!!!!

Found 1st Jan 2009
Need your help folks!!

We are off to New York on 6th January for my 40th birthday (then on to Vegas). While in New York we have managed to secure a New York Greeter (native new yorker who takes you round the city). This is a free service and I have donated money to the charity. We aren't allowed to 'tip' the greeter as it's a free service.

It has been suggested that you can give the greeter a gift from your home country - nothing too expensive - I'm from Scotland (Glasgow) but am racking my brains as to what to buy.

My question is - if you were to get a gift from Scotland what would you like or appreciate?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!
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Deep fried Mars bar?
Shortbread !!!!
Take the whole place over for him!
my mate did this, he carves wood and did a nice carving of a big apple.

greeter loved it.

the service he got from the greeter was excellent - he saw so much more than he would have otherwise.

hope you enjoy your trip
tartan calendar/scarf
Anything scottish.....

Baby Bagpipes?
Haggis and Tatties?
The whole of Sauches[esdjkfhsldfjhsda;lfjalsdhdhsafdhashdfhalllll Street?
Celtic Scarf?
the full rangers squad :w00t:
or then again maybe not
Cheap larger
One of those tartan hats with the ginger hair attached to it :whistling: :thumbsup:
If you can take food try stuff like macaroon bars, coconut ice, fudge, toffee etc shame you couldnt take Red Kola and Irn Bru classics
enjoy yourself wat a lovely service
Don't take any foodstuffs - they won't allow it into the country and will confiscate it

I would suggest anything tartan

Americans love cheesy stereotype gifts - anything wrapped in a tartan ribbon will do!! Get them a wee Nessie soft toy! Or a box of shortbread.

Have a great time, that sounds like a really good service! It's always better to see a city through a local's eyes I think!
A haggis, not a live one though,
Toss his Caber?
iron bru or seriously a whiskey minature
What about a cd of pipe music.
A Glasgow kiss?... eerm wait, no, that would be wrong. :viking:
A bottle of single Malt
One of those Kilt beach towels. or a bottle of whiskey
Thanks so much for the replies - some fab ideas!

Given the security I think I'll avoid foodstuffs!

Do they really love anything cheesy tartan?

I did look at this and thought it quite cool?

Love the idea of a carved apple what a novel idea!

Keep them coming - it's helping a LOT!
Bottle of Scottish Malt Whisky that can be only bought here (Scotland)

get them a football t-shirt, any one will do.
If i was American i'd be made up with that (doesn't have to be footbal, rugby would be cool too!):thumbsup:

Thanks so much for the replies - some fab ideas!Given the security I … Thanks so much for the replies - some fab ideas!Given the security I think I'll avoid foodstuffs!Do they really love anything cheesy tartan?I did look at this and thought it quite cool?http://www.amazon.co.uk/Scotland-Kilt-Apron-sporran-design/dp/B001453S2C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=kitchen&qid=1262367240&sr=8-1Love the idea of a carved apple what a novel idea!Keep them coming - it's helping a LOT!

good idea on avoiding foodstuffs, i can imagine some scottish tablet would look too much like something else too :w00t:
A Glasgow kiss. :-D (obviously after he's finished the tour)

Don't take any foodstuffs - they won't allow it into the country and will … Don't take any foodstuffs - they won't allow it into the country and will confiscate it :(CtC

Prepared Foodstuffs are fine into the USA (fresh fruit and veg and plants are not) - there is certainly no problem with cakes, confectionery, choclate,biscuits etc
cbp.gov/xp/…xml has all the import restrictions.

You also need to consider the rules regarding carriage of liquids which must be checked into the hold rather than left in hand baggage (where only 100ml containers are permitted)
A steakbake from Greggs,

Nah I would go with Whisky or an American Bourbon Whiskey

How about a kilt pin and If you know their surname and it happens to be scottish you can get them one with their coat of arms..........

Or as you are from Glasgow how about something to do with Glasgow? A nice picture of a Glasgow landmark? If you could get hold of one, an Oscar Marzaroli print of the Gorbals (Golden haired lass ) would be perfect...haven't a clue where you'd get one though

(Oscar was a photographer who took some fantastic black & white photos in the 50s and 60s...)
a bottle of single malt whisky

the whisky shop in buchanan galleries would be ideal:thumbsup:
Offer to be a Scottish greeter in return
yanks can be a bit funny about drink

stick with something that doesn't involve food or alcohol i rckon
A Scotland calendar with pictures of the beauty of Scotland - a present that will last all year. I would also recommend taking a slab of Tablet - not that many people seem to have heard of it outside of Scotland. But everyone loves it when they try it.
Have a fantastic time in NY - I love the place.
If you take a celtic scarf he'll think your from ireland.
As it will still be quite early in the new year you could give them a traditional first footer gift box.

A lump of coal, shortbread, coin with thistle on it and a wee dram etc. Add a card explaining the significance of the gifts wishing them warmth, wealth and good fortune in their future.
go to the souvenir shop next to the borders on buchanan st. theres one before after it and one past the diesel shop . get him some tartan crap

edit ; get some of theat funny rock stuff (edible version) its a common favourite
This years Oor Wullie or Broons book but you would need to buy one of those urban dictionaries for them to translate.
not the shortbread, the shortbread in the red box is available everywhere in the world! give him like a tourist kilt, you can pick up pretty good ones for £20, and give him a story to go with it. as in, this is our family tartan and it means x y z
theres also those scottish translation of the r. dahl books: instead of "the twits" give the scottish "the ejiits"

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