A girlie gift for my sisters birthday


    normally I wouldnt be worrying about my sisters birthday this early, its in july, however im moving to canada in may and the last time I will see my sister before her birthday is april.

    Im looking for a nice gift, but nothing too pricey as I need to also get presents for others before I leave! im hoping to spend around £15-£20 for a nice present (this is her 20th, so the big present is next year!)

    she likes bagpuss, ugly dolls, lush, pink things etc
    I just want to compile a nice bag of presents, usually I get her some nice toiletries from lush, a little toy, and a dvd

    so if anyone could help that would be great!


    How about a really nice frame with a piccy of you and her in it and a small piece of jewelry so she thinks of you everytime she wears it? perhaps some earings or a nice pink bracelet

    As you are moving abroad, how 'bout a nice fluffy pink photo frame, with a pic of the two of you together?

    Good luck in Canada btw!

    Bellabonkers...great minds think alike

    Original Poster

    this great mind thought of it first

    ive already got a little photo frame (one for her, one for me) and it reads "sister is another word for best friend" with a lovely picture of the two of us in it together

    I didnt really think to put it in as a birthday present, so thats a lovely idea. Thanks!

    I was thinking id get her an ugly doll because she got me one for christmas, and now we both have 2 each. I did see some ice lodge ones that had gone on vacation to an ice lodge with "mounties" and "red coats" so thats a possible present (or the lovely "deer ugly")

    how about a webcam so she can see you any time that you wish

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    I think my mums already rushed out and bought one! hehe! we talk on the phone everyday so it will be abit of a shock!

    they live in wales at the moment though so hopefully it shouldnt be too hard as we dont see each other too often (unfortunatly)

    Why not wait until you move then you can send her something different that she can't get in the UK

    Nice to see you on here, missed you

    Canada is a great place, I'm sure you'll love it.

    Take your sister out, cinema, meal, theatre, something like that. Would be nice to spend time with her before you go

    A wabbit with St George's flag on it ;-)

    What about a skype phone so that you can phone each other for free!

    Good luck with the move.

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    ive finally got her present
    a lovely silver photo frame "sister is another word for best friend" with a really nice picture of us in it
    chocolates - becauuse she loves them
    a cute gift set from lush an a very cute ugly doll :thumbsup:
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