A good Camcorder deal wanted

    Hi people
    I'm looking for a great deal on a great camcorder
    Can anyone help me find one
    I have a budget of £500 but obviously if one is alot cheaper more penny's in my bank
    I'm not clued up on camcorders what so ever
    The main reason I want one is I have a daughter who is 19 weeks old and I want to save some memories of things that she is starting to do.
    I hope someone can help me find a good deal on a excellent camcorder which will be future proof.

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    You need to get HD. Don't worry too much about the format just now...Search for either a Canon HV20 or the newer Canon HV30. Or a Sony HDR-HC1 (HC1E) Check evilbay as you might get a good deal on a second hand one. I have an HC1E and the quality is outstanding!! Off the top of my head, this is the 3 best camcorders that you can get for the money. Don't worry about second hand, most people only use their camcorders for special occasions, so will have been rarely used, but the "heads" last for hundreds of hours, so will be great for your daughter :thumbsup:
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