A good idea?

Found 31st Jul
Just came across this

- i have a halifax clarity credit card, so no fees that side


Top up £500 - receive £38

= free £38?
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google the company don't really get the concept, monzo/revolut can exchange money for really low fee, not sure what there weswap slogan and idea is all about, if someone could explain
I too have a Halifax Clarity card. I also took a FairFX cash card (similar to this one) for my juvenile son when he started school trips. The FairFX card was hailed as something akin to the Second Coming by MSE and others. But it wasn't and these things never are.

The rate was achieved by promotional discounts which disappeared.
The merchant transaction fees varied by no predictable process apparent to me. Some were very high and you only find out after buying.
There is a balance of £20 something pounds on the card which I have not used (and I have just been on holiday and intended to clear it). Firms rely on this cash balance. TfL is doing it for Oyster where there are millions they will shortly take to themselves.
A monthly charge might/can be levied

Yesterday I posted my first negative comment on here about Clarity (a Kenyan visa scam Halifax failed to treat as fraud) but I still regard it as the best solution.

Whelan189 - try thinking of yourself as a sales target instead of a user. That's all we are to these people.
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