A good lens for a Nikon D50 SLR

    In one of the magazines out at the moment there are review of lens between 55-200.

    I am considering Tamron and Sigma as cheaper alternatives to the Nikon lens. They all seem to function the same but has anyone had any experiences. I have seen a Sigma lens for £80, and the Tamron is around £100 on the High Street. If the Tamron is more expensive, is it made better? Many thanks for your help.

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    Not really - it's not possible to generalise in that way; on the internet the sigma is £85 and the Tamron £72 - have a look at

    I've used a Sigma DC quality lens, the 18-55, and I liked the photos produced by it but I imagine the Tamron is on a par - here are two reviews to compare:…-ll…-DC

    Personally the plastic lens mount on the Tamron would put me off, especially if you can get the sigma in-store for £80. To be clear, my walkaround lens is a Tamron 17-50mm so I have nothing against that make.

    Why not take your camera body into the shop and ask if you can try the lenses out, take some photos and have a look at them at home before making a decision.
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