A good mobile phone deal on contract..?

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Found 1st Feb 2007
Hiya everyone,

Its my first post on here so lets hope it goes well.

Anyway... I wouldnt mind upgrading my Mobile phone if the right deal came along but as i'm only 15 & have some hobbys etc so I cant afford to spend £100's on a decent one.

I currently have a Nokia 6230i but would prefere something with a bit of a better camera (2 mega pixel or more)

It would also need to have an MP3 player & bluetooth, which I suppose all of the newer phones have anyway. Also I would prefere it not to be very big.

I have seen the odd deal posted on here before with all the cash back things but I have always been wary about if I would actually get my money back or if it might be a con.

So do anyone know of a contract avalible at the moment that fits my requirements?

And if it uses cashback then it must be a VERY reliable company as I dont want to lose out.

Also if anyone comes up with a deal will they be posted in here or the main section so I know where to look?

As I said i'm not 100% sure i will upgrade but might do if a good deal comes along.

Thanks alot & hope you can help.



Ok if you like Nokia I would recommend 6233, 2 mp cam, mp3(loud) etc

Can be bought with free bluetooth headset from o2 for 129.99.

Or alternatively it can be got from three.co.uk

Details here


Basically you can get phone for free
and half price deals with no need for cashback redemptions it automatically discounted on bill. i.e not £35 but £17.50 each month.

My favourite tariff is the Direct texter 1400

300 anytime anyone mins 1000 texts 50 mms 50 video mins, free MSN for life and if you make up a NUS card number you can get free email to your phone also for life.

Its 18 month contract but its half price for full term.

And best of all if your interested in this deal quidco pay £100 cashback

Hope this is of some help


blimey wish i could of got a contract phone when i was 15!!!

Flame thrower!
I was mega impressed with your direct texter 1400 deal. I have a month left of my o2 contract and went straight to the site to get this.
Unfortunately, they don't do Samsung phones!!!
I am desperately seeking a red Samsung E900 with loads of texts included.

Any of you HUKD peeps got any suggestions. I would like to pay between 20 - 30 pounds (my pound sign on my keyboard doesn't work!)

Thanks never been called flame thrower before:-D

Another tip James if you have nothing to do with your current phone envirofone with give you £37 for it without box or charger and free delivery to them. Just an idea.


If I were you I would call o2 and ask for retentions.

Your contract is up for renewal so good time to ring them straight away.

Tell them you want a better deal cos 3 are offering you this and that for 17.50.

They should offer you a deal along with the samsung you want.

I got 500 anytime mins and 500 texts 12 month contract £20 pm (normally tariff is £35)

Its called the Discount 500 tariff and is only available through retentions so give this a go. You should get your phone free too.

Hope this helps.


Original Poster

Thanks for the suggestions.

I would be keeping te phone though as it would be a spare or my mum might use it.

Any more suggestions are welcome...maybe a good cashback deal :s.


Original Poster


And best of all if your interested in this deal quidco pay £100 cashback … And best of all if your interested in this deal quidco pay £100 cashback

What is quidco mate?:?

Oh Col, you are a treasure!
I am going to do this tomorrow. Do I just get through then ask for 'retentions'?. Do I have to sound like I know what i'm on about??
What exactly is this? Is there a 'retentions department'?
I hope you're not laughing at me he he he he.

Loads of threads can be found asking this but in brief its a site that you join for free that pays you money just for going through quidco's site to make purchases.



Hi yes there is a retentions dept

there number which should be direct to that dept but ask them just to make sure:)

Freephone- 0800 02 88 151

Ask for the tariff by name if they dont come up with an offer you like.

Just use 3 as reference and say you were hoping to get a better deal here or you would sign a contract elsewhere.

They wont ask many questions about 3 but just use my link above for more info if necessary.

Believe me retentions hand out deals all day for fun, I would never sign up to another contract with o2 without getting tariff from retentions dept.


I'm going for it!
Will let you know how I get on. Thank you so much for your advice.

look forward to hearing about your deal

Tell them that 3 can also give you the phone you want for free if they ask


Col, Col, Col, old flame thrower you !!!!

If you were here now, i'd give you a huge enormous hug!!!!!
I have just called o2 and thought I was going to be disappointed because the girl said I couldn't get the discount 500 tariff because I am an internet member (all bills etc online)

After saying I would probably go elsewhere, she told me she could do 1000 texts and 200 minutes for 25 pounds a month, with the red Samsung E900!!! Yes, Yes, Yes.As I hardly ever use 90 mins calls thats fab!

I have been looking for months and you cant get that deal anywhere!


Cool glad you got deal your happy with and I was of some help.



Just to echo O2 retentions.

I got out a 12month free rental mobileshop.com O2 400 deal in Aug 2005, all cashbacks went through ok despite offerings from mobileshop to buy buy me off (£210 1time vs. £360/4)

Aug 2006 I called asking for pac, insisted i wanted pac, they asked where I was going i said 3 for 500mins/100sms offer. They gave me O2 500mins/100sms for £15/month +£5/month for phone insurance + free Nokia N80. If O2 offer me similar this summer I can't see myself moving, but I'm hoping the Tmob flext/web and walk offers will pressure O2.

Yet to see another network come close to being that good in retentions.

I completely agree with going straight to the retentions department, both me and my partner got k800i's about 6months ago with 500mins, 500 txt for £20 a month, no vouchers to send back or anything. It depnds when in the month u ring them i think as to what targets they need to meet (retained customers) but the deals they offer as twice as good as the initial department u ring to cancel ur contract. Don't waste time with o2, go straight to the retentions depart with the 'intention' to cancel!!
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