A good place to trade in Wii and get a Ps3!!???

    Hey all!! I just wanted to get a Ps3 for a nephew who has been saving his pocket money, bless him. He also told me he has a Wii ha can trade in. Does any1 know which gamine shop (GAME, gamesstation, HMV) is/are the best for me to go and trade in the Wii and pay what ever i need to pay to top up his saving and get him a Ps3???
    Any help will be greatly apreciated




    We traded our white Wii in at Gamestation to get a PSP for my son (we'd bought a black Wii at Toys R Us when it was on offer). We got £50 trade-in on the Wii which was the same for Game & Grainger Games and paid the difference on the new PSP
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    thanx luvly jublee :P ill check it out
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