A Google tip - How to bring back the Discussions search option (yes it's really missing)

Found 26th Jan 2014
Update July 2014 - Google have completely disabled the Discussion feature :(, but there is still a workaround, it's not quite the same but yields similar results, download this Chrome addon -


OLD THREAD, THIS METHOD NO LONGER WORKS "Only just recently Google removed the search by discussions option. If you haven't already found a workaround, and feel the need for its return here's a quick tip on how to get it back if using Firefox or Chrome as your web browser.

This shouldn't take a minute. Two simple steps.


If using Chrome - Add the TamperMonkey extension to Chrome from here - chrome.google.com/web…=en

If using Firefox - Add the GreaseMonkey Addon from here - addons.mozilla.org/fir…748

Restart your web browser in order to ensure the addon is running - however in most cases you won't need to restart.


Open up the following webpage and click INSTALL (green box, top right, can't miss it), you will be prompted to install the script, proceed and restart your web browser.

Discussions Script - is.gd/B1u7nO

All done!

Open up Google to see the result. Use Google's search as normal, input your query followed by clicking on "more" at the top, you should see that "Discussions" has made a warm welcomed return.

Hopefully this helps some of you as it did for me. "
Community Updates

Only working method as of July 2014 - Discussions button for Google Search Chrome browser addon (requires Chrome to be installed) - chrome.google.com/web…mdn

Old method (no longer works) -

Tampermonkey for Chrome - chrome.google.com/web…=en
GreaseMonkey for Firefox - addons.mozilla.org/fir…748
Link to script - is.gd/B1u7nO
Search by Discussions Google page - google.com/web…dsc

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Did this help you? Poll - poll.pollcode.com/827…547

Edited by: "fluidz" 31st Aug 2014
Google is 90% Discussion search for me.
Do you know anywhere where google users can vote for big G to bring back discussion filter?

Good Work!
A life saver, thanks so much.
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