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Found 24th Nov 2008
Im sure a lot of people are aware of this site, but just in case you arent I thought I would post it in here as there are always people asking for the best price on games, this should help you somewhat.

If you go to find-games.co.uk and search for the game you want, it will compare a number of different websites to find you the best price.

Its just anopther price checker site, but one I find quite useful.





The best one to use 9 times out of 10 ^^^^

find-games just brought up a price difference of £1 (more expensive) compared to gamestracker on the same game on 2 different platforms- both of which were £1 dearer than when i looked for the same game myself and did all the searching. So, putting a bit of effort in might pay off (no pun intended ) every penny counts

Thanx I just ordered Golden Compass from Amazon thru first website got it for £7.80 Had to cancel old order as it was £24.99 so thank you x rep added :-D

Rep added for 2nd link as well thanx :whistling:

Just realised I have a voucher from here £2.50 off hee hee very cheap crimbo pressie x


that's helpful if your after the best price on anything game related.

I like Gamestracker also, but it's so s-l-o-w at times - misses quite a few merchants when I search too.

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i've had to stop using gamestracker, it freezes my computer for 10 mins … i've had to stop using gamestracker, it freezes my computer for 10 mins every time i use it, shame 'cos i've used it a lot , now i use find-dvd.

find-book.co.uk is quite a handy little one as well :thumbsup:
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