A Kitchen TV (under kitchen cabinet) that folds out

    My mum has asked me to look for a TV for her kitchen, one that can fit under a cabinet and fold out.

    Any one have any recommendations and, are they easy to fit?




    Easy to fit as long as you have power nearby and most kitchens have plenty... The biggest issue here is the aerial, an indoor aerial sat on top of the kettle looks messy so you really have to run a cable in from either a splitter or seperate aerial. To keep it all looking nice it will have to be chased into the wall as you can only hide so much behind the units. Have a good thik about that before the decision is made where to fit it.
    It is usually a few holes through the base of one of the wall units, some flat head screws will protroud a bit but should not cause too many probs...:thumbsup:

    Think carefully where you plan to install it as well. Not over any worksurface where you will ever use toaster or kettle or steamer. Sounds obvious but you would be surprised...

    i bought one from B&Q last year, very easy to fit (just 4 holes to drill in the base of the cabinet) it took about 15 minutes from start to finish.

    You have to wonder why people ask for help and advice then dont bother to aknowledge it??

    Original Poster

    Hi Guys,

    Cheers for all your help. I've recently moved properties and BT STILL (after 2 weeks) haven't connected my line and thus I don't have broadband at home. First day back in work and use of the internet.

    I have passed on all your comments to my mom.



    no worries mate, thought it was strange you disappeared! :thumbsup:
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