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Found 7th Apr
Hi all, my son would like a laptop for his 18th birthday, he wants it to use music production software. I think he said pro logic. He doesnt want a mac. He has pointed this one out to me gear4music.com/Rec…XII
Its really out of my budget and we don't have enough knowledge to choose a cheaper one. Would a gaming laptop be suitable? Any help would be most appreciated.
Thankyou in advance.
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Logic Pro is native to Mac, so that wouldn’t be an option as it’s unavailable for Windows.

I use Mac myself and have very little knowledge on Windows. Sorry I can’t help any further!
As Rayan says, you'll need a Mac if he wants to use Apple software.

Regarding that particular laptop, it'd be an awful choice for music production. Its paltry 4GB of RAM really drags it down, as does its mechanical harddrive. Its CPU is okay, but will lag behind if he gets heavily into using VSTs, although that's a slightly moot point because that wouldn't be possible with just 4GB of RAM anyway. Its lack of Firewire / Thunderbolt limits his choice of audio interfaces to just the slightly more latency-heavy USB devices, and its inclusion of an nVidia GPU means it'll use nVidia drivers, which are poor for DPC latency.

As a general rule, it's unwise to buy anything marketed for niche purposes (including audio or gaming, or whatever - marketing for niche purposes is always a trick used by retailers to ramp the prices right up), so I'd avoid anything marketed that way. If he's happy to use something other than Logic (Studio One is an excellent starting point for Windows DAWs), I'd look for a more productivity-oriented system from the likes of Dell, Lenovo, or HP. Look for one with a number pad, since those keys are often used by DAWs for shortcuts, which can make recording and production much faster and easier. Otherwise, head over to the Apple store.
One of my mates is in the music industry and he has an iMac. He wouldn’t use anything else.
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