A Level cert's

    Hi all,

    Currently at university and was looking through my old things and remember that while studying my aLevels I did not collect any of my certificates from 6th form (silly yes).

    I don't think they have them anymore and just wondering if I should chase this up and try and get some sort of proof?

    Obv the university would have checked the results when I applied with UCAS etc but bit worried if anyone asks in the future!



    most companies dont check up on them BUT some will want to see the original or copies, especially if you dont get a good grade in your degree.
    so yes... contact your college and get them ... better safe than sorry.

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    Argh, do you reckon the exam board still keep records? Goes back around 2004?

    I got mine from WJEC from 1977 so 2004 is like yesterday:P Had to get them in 2010 so it's not an issue BUT they do charge (25 or 30 quid I think it was)


    Argh, do you reckon the exam board still keep records? Goes back around … Argh, do you reckon the exam board still keep records? Goes back around 2004?

    I seriously hope they do... oO

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    Thanks guys

    You say obviously the UNI would check results but my uni required a c or above in gcse maths (which I don't have) and 3 B's @ A-level( I got 4 C's) and they let me in even though they were over subscribed. And this is a top 20 uni so to be honest I wouldn't worry. I have told everyone who has ever asked that I have c at gcse maths and noone has ever asked for proof (6th form, uni, 3 different employers)

    Add to the above that i left uni without a degree as had a little too much fun. Still noone care. I even managed to get on a graduate management course with a top 100 company( this was 6 years ago by the way).

    Hasn't yet, don't see why it would start now!! I thought that too at first and I felt I would be rumbled when I applied for a bank managers job last year but got that and again noone asked anything. Grades didn't get mentioned only work experience which from this stage of my career is all which will matter now.

    Dont bother dude. Places only ever want your most recent qualification. Once your degree is thru, the a levels go out the window!
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