A little advice needed, Problem With Estate Agent Selling My House

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Found 4th Jul 2008
Decided to sell my house recently found a company called mousesale that list on right move and was only gonna cost me £300.00 to do this. My property was on right move for around 40 days but has now disapeard(Did say it would be listed until the house was sold) and so has everything else they listed on right move from this company . As I paid by paypal I opened a dispute up aking that the refund me as rightmove listing was the main sellling point. they have basically now came back saying there haveing problems with rightmove but no chance of a refund due to the terms & conditions. Have looked and there is something in there that says basically once you property is listed for 10 days there service to you is complete. Is this really legal? Anyone have ideas what I could do? Can you dispute paypal payments with you credit card company .Looks like im gonna have to pay remax or someone another set of fees As i doubt it will be seen where its listed now!.


Take it that the info saying it would be listed untill sold was verbal?

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Thanks for the reply

no its on the site, as well says Marketing Period: Until Sold, so I cant see how there terms about being 10 days can be correct.

see here mousesale.co.uk/sit…des


Thanks for the replyno its on the site, as well says Marketing Period: … Thanks for the replyno its on the site, as well says Marketing Period: Until Sold, so I cant see how there terms about being 10 days can be correct.see here http://www.mousesale.co.uk/site/sales-useful-information/sell-your-property.php?sub=useful-guides

It says "selected partner web sites" on there - doesn't specifically mention Right Move so not sure if there'll be much you can do.

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yeah was thinking that as well, allothough on the front page its still advertising right move. Before I signed anything I confirmed with there agent that it would be on rightmove until sold, but this was all verbal. They replied to me saying there was a problem with rightmove, have spoken to rightmove and they have told me this is not the case. Im gussing rightmove fees are paid monthly and they havent paid as my property came off the site on the 1st.

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have escalated the dispute to a PayPal claim anyway will see what happens.

If it doesnt work, definately contact your credit card company as they will fight this for you with paypal. My dad bought a watch and it never got delivered. Parcel force say the delivered it and left it outside so paypal refused our claim so my dad contacted his credit card company and they took the money back from paypal and never heard anything again. Because then, your card company fight it instead of you and they obviously do a better job with legal etc. worked for me so worth a try!!

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Thanks think I might try this as well, Wasnt sure how credit cards where with Paypal things

Read up on UCTA legislation as well and the ASA code
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